Monthly Subscription, 

This subscription gives you access to programming through the SugarWOD Application. You will be able to see up to 1 week in advance as well as coorrespond with a qualified coach. Join athletes from around the country in this online daily programming. See others lifts, scores, interact with fellow competitors (you have the option to stay private). The program Peaks several times a year, with the specific goals of qualifying for Wodapalooza (Aug. & Dec.) and making it to the CrossFit Games (October)... Each year the program starts off with a strongly focused strength cycle geared towards creating the strong core, legs and upper body necessary to support the dynamic loads and movements of olympic lifts and gymnastics. Throughout the year the cycling changes to incorporate the olympic lifts, then gymnastics, and further into total conditioning, utilizing the increased strengths/skills. You may jump onto the program at any time.


IMPORTANT: once you purchase the program, you will be able to download instructions on how to access the system (sugarwod). It may take a coach up to 48hrs to input you into the system.

Elite Program- Monthly





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